Secure Payments


Our company prioritizes the safety of credit card holders who make purchases from our websites. Your credit card details are in no way stored on our system.

During transactions, there are two aspects to pay more attention to to understand if you are on a trustworthy site, one of which is the key or bolt symbol, present at the bottom of your browser, which indicates that you are in a reliable internet page and your data of all kinds are protected by encryption. These data are used only in relation to the sales procedure process and in line with the information you provide. The data relating to the credit card, used during the purchase, are sent, in an encrypted manner, to the competent bank for verification through the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol, regardless of our purchasing websites. When the availability of the card is approved, the purchase continues. Since no data relating to the card can be viewed or recorded by us, third party access to this data is blocked under any conditions.

The reliability of the payment data / billing / delivery address, in relation to orders made online through credit cards, is checked by our company to protect against Credit Card Fraud. Therefore, in order for the orders of customers who make their first purchase on our websites to reach the supply and delivery stage, the veracity of the financial data and address / telephone must first be confirmed. To verify this information, if necessary, contact the customer, the credit card holder, or the competent bank.

Only you can reach and modify all the data you provided at the time of registration. If you keep your user access data reliably protected, it is impossible for others to reach your data or modify them. For this purpose, we proceed in the SSL reliable area during the registration operations. This system is an international encryption standard that cannot be corrupted.

Nowadays, websites are more preferred, equipped with contact center or customer assistance services, and where the data of the complete address and telephone numbers are indicated. Thus, you can receive more information regarding any subject that intrigues you, providing you with explanations on the reliability of the company that offers online purchasing service.

If you have any problems, you can write to or contact your bank directly.


Iyzico is a financial technology company that facilitates the online shopping experience. By simplifying complex payment processes through its easy and secure platform, Iyzico has achieved success in supporting companies in digitization and was acquired by the global payment systems giant PayU in 2019. On our website, our customers have the ability to make payments through Iyzico.     


Can I make payments through Iyzico, using my credit card, without signing up for Iyzico?

Yes. Iyzico is an easy and safe platform that allows you to make online payments using your credit card.