FAQ About Our Products

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What are Matilde exfoliating gloves made of? Why do they work so well?

Matilde exfoliating gloves are made from 100% pure silk. The Turks have perfected a special texture over the years to achieve a more effective exfoliating glove on the skin for use in Turkish baths.

What are the benefits of silk on my skin?

Silk is a natural protein fiber. It is made up of 97% protein and 3% fat. Contains 18 amino acids, which have a positive effect on our skin. Silk is the most hypoallergenic of all fabrics and is free of chemicals. Resists dust, fungus, mold and other allergens. Silk does not irritate even a sensitive skin. An exfoliating glove made from 100% pure silk will help you exfoliate without irritating your skin. In addition, it will help you to have a skin with an even, smooth and soft tone and texture.  

Where do Matilde Skincare products come from and why?

Matilde exfoliating gloves are made in Turkey. One of the reasons is because Turkish silk is famous for being of high quality. However, the main reason is that exfoliation is an important part of the Turkish bath culture, which has been a historical ritual for more than 600 years in Turkey. Over time, the Turks have developed special weaving techniques that help the exfoliator to release dirt and dead skin from the body more easily and with less effort. This weaving is unique in Turkish production.

Why did my Matilde exfoliating glove shrink in size after the first use?

This is normal and expected. Your glove is made from 100% pure silk and hot water will make it shrink on first use. We have already anticipated this and therefore we have produced the glove slightly larger than the size that would fit your hand. After the first use, it will fit even better.

Can I use my exfoliating glove with soap, body wash or oils?

You shouldn't, because your glove is made to work better on skin wet with water. Soaps or other cleaning materials will significantly reduce its efficiency.

How often can I use the Matilde exfoliating glove?

Ideally you can use it once a week. More frequent use is not recommended as it may remove all natural body oils or dehydrate your skin.

How long does it take to see results? 

You will see results immediately after the first use as you will scrub away dirt and dead skin in seconds. This will leave you with a luminous and healthy-looking complexion. Against other skin challenges like acne, blackheads, ingrown hair or stretch marks, regular use will help you achieve the results you want over time.

Can i share my exfoliating glove with others?

We do not recommend sharing your exfoliating glove with anyone else. It is a personal item and for hygiene reasons each person must use his/her own exfoliating glove.

How long can I use my Matilde exfoliating glove?

Using it regularly, that is once a week, a Matilde exfoliating glove will last for about three months. Keep in mind that proper cleaning and drying is required after each use.

How do i clean my exfoliating glove?

You can wash it with warm water and soap. It is important to air dry it, do not leave it folded when wet, and do not wash it in the washing machine.

What is the best time to exfoliate? Can i exfoliate in the summer?

Any time of the year would be fine for exfoliation. Keep in mind that our skin cells are completely renewed every 28 days, meaning that we completely change the surface layer of our skin that is called the epidermis. By exfoliating with the Matilde glove, you will help the dead skin detach from your body, thus eliminating the risk of having other skin-related challenges that dead skin accumulation may cause. During the summer, it would be ideal to exfoliate well before getting a tan. To maintain tanned skin for a longer period, you may reduce the frequency of exfoliation during your summer vacation. Please note that we do not recommend exfoliating sunburned skin, as it may irritate your skin further.   

What parts of the body can I exfoliate?

All parts of the body can be exfoliated: legs, arms, abdomen and chest. Usually it is difficult to exfoliate your back on your own, so we recommend that you ask someone else for help. You can also exfoliate your face, and we strongly recommend doing it, with more gentle and circular movements.  

When should I not exfoliate?

Do not exfoliate where you have open wounds or severe acne on the skin, or where the skin is already irritated for other reasons. If you have severe skin problems or diseases, consult your dermatologist or doctor before using the Matilde exfoliating glove.